Looking for Alaska is A Great Example of Storytelling in A Book

A great example of storytelling in a book is “Looking for Alaska” by John Green.  The book is not separated by chapters but by series of days. A before and after with a major plot twist in between. During the before, the author describes the process of Miles’s moving to school dorms, meeting new friends and falling in love with his friend named Alaska. Miles and Alaska then finally confront their feelings and enjoy each other’s company. On the day of, which is the day Alaska abruptly sneaks out of the dorms with the help of her friends, crying and drunk without an explanation. She gets into an accident causing her death. After that sudden climax, the story then starts dividing by days after, referring to after Alaska’s death. After a few weeks of sadness and confusion, They try to find out whether she committed suicide or was a victim of drunk driving, they find out why she left in the first place which was because she missed her mother’s birthday and as her mother had passed away a long time ago, it was her yearly ritual to visit her grave with flowers, but this year she forgot, which explains why she was not well before leaving.  Everyone draws a separate conclusion to what had really happened but I guess we’ll never know.



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