Inspirational Women, Monica Seles

ABU DHABI – On March 6, 2014, Monica Seles a Tennis Champion, health advocate, author and a goodwill ambassador joined Zayed University-Abu Dhabi campus, for an inspirational talk with the students. She shared her remarkable journey of brilliant tennis, which started with her father and brother, her fame, tragedy, loos and self-discovery.

She was born in Novi Sad, Yugoslavia, Her father, Karolj Seles, taught her to play tennis ” we started playing tennis in a parking lot when when I was 5 years old,” she mentioned. As she grew up, she became intent on beating her brother Zoltan, who was eight years older and the No. 1-ranked junior tennis player in the country at the time. Her real journey started when she moved to the United States to play tennis at age 13, Seles quickly rose to the top of the game, becoming the youngest player to rank No. 1 at age 17. She dominated the sport until 1993, when a fan of rival Steffi Graf stabbed her during a match in Germany. After that she experienced a series of setbacks, including the death of her father and coach in 1998, and a foot injury in 2003. She played her last match in 2003, and officially retired in 2008.

Despite all the tragedy events in her life by the time she retired, Seles had won 9 Grand Slam singles titles and 53 career titles. She also continued her success by inducting into the International Tennis Hall of Fame in 2009, writing a book and much more.


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