Communication And Media History In The UAE.

Shamma AlMansouri, a 64 years old Emirati woman live in a different society and different life than the one she grew up in. The media that were available in her life as a teenager differ than the media that we have today. Many years ago, she did not has books, magazines, newspapers, TV or mobile phone, instead she used simple types of media and communication methods such as, myths, story-telling, proverbs, folklore, and songs. “At that time, these forms of media were the only media that entertained me and informed me about life and what was happening around us.”

Her face expression deepened as she was trying to remember something then she cleared her throat and mentioned that the only way to communicate with other people in the past was by talking face-to-face or sending messages. The messages were often sent with messengers or by the usage of homing pigeons to communicate with people who were very far apart from them.

Shamma AlMansouri could recall herself sitting with her family looking at the paper that was brought by a homing pigeon believing that it was sort of magic, “I could not believe that birds could be so smart.” However, this type of message communication was not very effective. “It used to take long time and effort not to mention that many people at that time were not able to read and write,”

As she got older, many changes have happened and the methods of communication changed in a positive way. One of her cousins who used to travel to India brought a radio with him. The radio was a gift from “English people”.  The arrival of this invention changed the type of the information that they were used to, which was relevant and localized to the geographical location of the UAE. “We were able to hear information about other countries, stories and songs,” Shamma AlMansouri said.

She took a deep breath and smiled as she was about to talk about other changes, “The English people came to our country and brought with them other weird devices, which made our life easy and difficult in the same time, ” by the weird devices she meant the televisions, satellite communication and mobile phones.

Technology has been the main factor that contributes in the usage of all the new methods and ways of communicating, entertainment and storytelling. Shamma AlMansouri and all old Emirati people how lived through the two different eras had witnessed the growth of communication in the UAE and how people were communicating and interacting with each other in the old times until the advancements in technology brought in these new media.


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