The Notebook Is A Great Example Of Storytelling in A Movie


The Notebook movie is a great example of storytelling in a movie because the narrator is the character himself but captured in a different age and situation. The notebook starts of with an old man reading to an old lady suffering from Alzheimer’s at a nursing home. He reads to her everyday from a notebook about a love story of a young couple that falls in love in a harsh condition; the women, Allie comes from a rich family while the man, Noah is very poor. The couple split up for seven years and then ends up together, during these seven years Noah joined military and lost his best friend in war and his father, Allie worked as a nurse and fell in love with a patient and went into a relationship with him. He tells her the story of how they fall in love and how they fall apart.

The Notebook

Then the movie starts showing scenes of the young couple and their story. We later find out that Noah and Allie grow up to become the old couple at the nursing home, while Allie does not remember anything and cannot leave the nursing home, Noah refuses to leave her alone and stays with her every step of the way while their children beg for their father to return home.

The Notebook Trailer